Thursday, 25 April, 2019

Increase of biofuel to 30% in road traffic approved

07 Feb 2019, 03:25 ( 2 Months ago)

DF Report
Press Release Photo by Neste.

The Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of a law for gradually increasing the share of biofuels in road traffic to 30% by 2029.

In addition, the Parliament has approved a law for the distribution obligation of bio-based light fuel oil, said a press release.

According to the new law, a share of light fuel oil intended for heating, construction machines and fitted motors will be replaced by bio-based fuel oil starting in 2021.

The new law is an important step towards lower-emission transport to which Neste as a company is fully committed.

The obligation is well aligned with the targets already set in Sweden and Norway and it brings Finland to the same ambitious level with its Western neighbours.