Labour market conflict on dismissal bill likely to be solved

06 Nov 2018, 01:00

  DF-Xinhua Report

Photo: Patrik Lindström / SAK.

The conflict between major trade unions and the three-party alliance government on governmental plan to make easier dismissals in small companies possible appeared to be defused on Monday.

The unions last week suspended their wave of strikes on the condition that the preamble of the new legislation is agreed upon. The board of the central organization of blue collar unions, SAK approved the unions' decision on Monday, the SAK reported.

Preambles of legislative acts are important in Finland as the preambles serve in court cases as a proof of what the intention is when the law is enacted.

Under Finnish administrative publicity rules, the contents of the preamble draft becomes public when it reaches the council of state. It was not public as of Monday evening, national radio Yle said.

The government initially wanted to ease dismissals in companies with less than 20 employees. Following a strike wave the government first restricted the easing to companies under ten, but finally gave up any limitation.

The SAK said on Monday the final version of the preamble reflects the current legal practice in Finland. The SAK said the the size of the company is taken into consideration as courts assess dismissals.

The entrepreneurs of Finland that represents small and medium sized companies, claimed, however, the preamle reflects a change in the legislation and improves the situation in small companies.