New driving licence exams system from July

21 May 2018, 01:29

  DF Report

DF File Photo.

The ongoing driver training reforms will bring changes in the examinations for issuing driving licences from July 1, said an official press release.

The government on 17 May 2018 proposed that the amendments to the Act on Driving Licences be adopted and the President approved the bill on May 18.

The legislative amendments will make the use of, for example, new, alternative training and learning methods possible. The number of compulsory lessons will decrease as the focus of the examination will grow.

The amendments will apply to licences other than those for driving lorries, buses and coaches.

The basic structure of the driving examination – a theoretical test, a driving test and/or a handling test – however, will remain unchanged.

The objective of the changes is to adapt the driving examination to future transport challenges.

The content of the tests will be improved so that it will measure the driver’s capacity to develop into a safer driver than before.

More attention will be paid to risk situations, both in theory and driving tests, and the tasks in the handling tests will better correspond to situations that drivers face in real traffic.