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Number of heavy vehicles accidents goes up

12 Feb 2018, 01:29 ( 12 Feb, 2018) | updated: 12 Feb 2018, 06:06 ( 12 Feb, 2018)

DF Report
File Photo : Port of Helsinki by Tomi Salakari.

On an average, one heavy duty vehicle such as a truck, trailer or tanker overturns on Finnish roads every other day.

In the first week of January, tankers have crushed in five accidents. This situation has been described as dangerous and challenging for all road users.

The key is to immediately drop the speed considerably to about 30 kilometres and warn others even if the warning lights are on, said Pekka Moilanen, a safety advisor on transport of dangerous goods.

“One should not stop at the scene of accidents especially to take any commemorative photos or block other traffic. One should turn on the radio. The rescue workers should be given space to work in peace,” Moilanen added.

Seventy percent of all hazardous material transported on Finnish roads are flammable liquids some of which are either chemicals or various fuels.