Kiuru urges EU for speedy delivery of vaccines

09 Jan 2021, 02:27

  DF Report

Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru. File Photo: Finnish government by Jussi Toivanen.

Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru said the EU should exert greater pressure on the vaccine manufacturers to ensure speedy delivery of vaccines to the EU member states.

In a letter to European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, Kiuru on Thursday emphasised that she finds it unacceptable that the deliveries to the EU have been delayed while some other countries have received ample quantities of vaccines, said the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in a press release.

She also underlines that it is important not to compromise on the safety of vaccines.

In her letter, Kiuru also welcomed the initiative to scale up production capacity in the EU through public funding.

However, she wished to stress that this investment should be turned into concrete results through speedier delivery of vaccines.