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Police to step up traffic surveillance on weekends

Published : 24 Nov 2020, 02:07

Updated : 24 Nov 2020, 10:02

  DF Report

File Photo: Helsinki Police.

The police will intensify traffic monitoring during the next two weekends, said the National Police Board in a press release on Monday.

During the monitoring period, on 20–22 and 27–29 November, the police will conduct intensified breathalyser testing, especially during evening and night.

The driving condition of drivers may also be tested during the morning.

“Because November has been one of the darkest months in recent years in terms of severe drunk driving accidents, intensified traffic monitoring needs to be carried out at this time, and especially during weekends,” said National Police Board Chief Superintendent Timo Ajaste.

In addition to detecting alcohol-impaired drivers, the police will also maintain public order and security in public places with a high risk of disturbances.

“Being visibly present in town centres and urban areas prevents public disturbances and also driving under the influence of alcohol,” said Ajaste.

Between January and August this year, a total of 384 people have been killed or injured in drunk-driving accidents. This is 8.5 per cent higher than that in the corresponding period of last year.