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Use of 700,000 electric cars suggested to reach emission goal

Published : 28 Oct 2020, 01:09

Updated : 28 Oct 2020, 04:44

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The working group for fossil-free transport, led by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, in its recommendation said Finland’s electric car target should be 700,000 to achieve Finland’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The working group on Tuesday submitted its recommendations on how domestic greenhouse gas transport emissions can be reduced by half by 2030, and entirely nullified by 2045, said the Ministry of Transport and Communications in a press release.

Finland’s electric car target should be revised to as many as 700,000, of which the majority will be fully electric, said the report.

The popularity of electric cars should be promoted with economic policy instruments, such as changes in vehicle taxation, fixed-term procurement support or an emissions-trading scheme for transport.

The recommendations are divided into four modes of transport: road, rail, water and air. They concern alternative power sources, the energy efficiency of vehicles and the transport system, and the pricing and taxation of transport.

“It’s great that we’re all committed to a common goal, i.e., to halve transport emissions by 2030,” said Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

“The final report and recommendations of the working group create a good basis for continuing the preparation of the roadmap for fossil-free transport at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Although the working group’s term is ending, the dialogue will continue,” said the working group’s Chairperson Sabina Lindström, also director-general of the ministry.

Transport causes a fifth of Finland’s emissions. Road transport accounts for 94 per cent of emissions in domestic transport.

Maritime emissions are about four per cent and domestic aviation emissions are about two per cent. Air transport is part of the EU emissions trading scheme. Rail transport accounts for less than one per cent of the transport emissions.

According to the baseline projection of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, transport emissions will decrease by approximately 3.2 million tonnes by 2030 with the current actions.

A further 1.55 million tonnes of carbon dioxide must be cut from road transport to halve emissions from the level of 2005.