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Taxi law to be reformed to get better services

Published : 15 Oct 2020, 23:28

Updated : 15 Oct 2020, 23:44

  DF Report

File Photo: Kela.

The government on Thursday submitted a proposal to parliament to bring a number of amendments to the legislation on taxi services with the view to provide reliable taxi services to all customers.

Amendments have been proposed to the Act on Transport Services, the Vehicle Act and the Road Transport Act, said a government press release.

The proposed amendments to the legislation on taxi services are, as a rule, scheduled to enter into force at the beginning of 2021.

However, it is proposed that the entry into force of the amendments be staggered so that the legislative amendments concerning the pricing of taxi services and taximeters, and other devices would not enter into force until 1 June 2021.

The changes to the law will correct any shortcomings observed in taxi operations that are related in particular to safety, combating the grey economy, transparency of pricing, and the availability of taxis.

With regard to availability, the aim is specifically to make it easier for the authorities to form a situational picture on the availability of taxi services.

“The purpose of this repair kit for tax regulations is to restore trust among both customers and taxi operators. Taxis are an important mode of transport for many, which is why the uncertainty concerning the service must be eliminated,” said Transport and Communications Minister Timo Harakka.

In order to improve the quality and safety of taxi services, the legislative proposal draws attention to the professional skills required of taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers would be required to take a test, the content and organisation of which have now been specified. The objective of the change is to ensure that in the future the test will better be able to assess the basic skills of drivers entering the sector and their ability to provide taxi services to various customer groups.

The legislative proposal harmonises the obligations, perceiving the pricing of taxi services, so it would be easier for customers to estimate the price of a taxi journey.

The price of a taxi journey or the basis for determining the price should continue to be indicated before the start of the journey. If the price of a journey is not fixed, a specific pricing structure should be used for pricing and the price of an example journey should be presented. A taximeter in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive should be used to determine the price. In the future, setting a maximum price would only be possible for additional services provided to special groups.