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Bus passenger from Russia found coronavirus+

Published : 16 Sep 2020, 01:38

  DF Report

Finland-Russia border. DF File Photo.

A passenger who travelled on a bus from Russia to Finland has been found infected with coronavirus, said the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in a press release on Tuesday.

The bus with 52 passengers onboard left St. Petersburg for Hamina on 8 September and one of the passengers was tested coronavirus positive after arriving in Finland. The passenger felt the first symptoms on 9 September, one day after starting the trip.

The authorities concerned have collected contact information of 32 other passengers, while information on 18 other passengers is still being sought.

The identified passengers are being contacted by municipal communicable disease officials. The exposed passengers may be ordered to quarantine.

Travel from Russia to Finland is currently restricted because of the coronavirus. Finnish citizens or holders of dual citizenship, however. may freely travel to Finland. Otherwise, travel from Russia to Finland is allowed only for essential reasons, such as compelling family reasons or work that is crucial for security of supply.

“The coronavirus situation in Russia is significantly worse than it is in Finland. Staying in a country like that increases the risk of catching the coronavirus compared to the risk one has in Finland. Each person should carefully consider if travel to Russia or from there to Finland is essential right now,” said THL Chief Specialist Jari Jalava.

Passengers arriving from Russia are being given instructions in connection with the border inspection jointly drafted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on how to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection in Finland. The instructions recommend a voluntary, 14-day quarantine for those arriving from a high-risk country.

On an average, more than 10 buses arrive each week at the highway border crossings in the Southeast Finland Border Guard District.

Bus traffic uses the border crossings of Vaalimaa and Nuijamaa. About 10 buses cross the border at Vaalimaa each week, and 3-5 cross at Nuijamaa.