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Niinistö for dialogue to restore congenial atmosphere

Published : 11 Dec 2019, 02:21

Updated : 11 Dec 2019, 02:22

  DF Report

Photo Finnish government by Kosti Keistinen.

President Sauli Niinistö on Tuesday emphasized to find a better dialogue to restore a congenial atmosphere in the government.

“It is important for us to find a better dialogue. But it does not mean the absence of pointed and critical debate. It is important to respect the opinions of those who hold a different view. I am fully prepared to support you in all such efforts, “ said the President while administrating oath of the new government.

He said that the disagreements within the former Government grew too deep. At the same time, the political debate has become heated. The atmosphere is partly tense, according to a statement issued by the President Office.

“The world around is unstable. It is becoming harder and harder to predict developments in world politics. Conditions in Finland are also demanding,” he said.

Cooperation with the previous Government worked smoothly, he said, adding, “I expect that our cooperation in foreign and security policy will continue to be close. For my part, I am willing to continue this smooth and natural cooperation.”