Sunday, 17 November, 2019

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17% kids from poor families see gray future

10 Oct 2019, 01:10 ( 1 Month ago) | updated: 10 Oct 2019, 09:35 ( 1 Month ago)

DF Report
Photo VisitFinland by Harri Tarvainen/North Karelia.

One in every six children from low-income families in the country think their future dream will not be successful, found a survey of the Save the Children, an international nongovernmental organisation.

According to the report of The Children’s Voice 2019 survey published on Wednesday, only eight per cent children from low-income families were found satisfied with the financial situation of their families, the national broadcaster Yle reported quoting the survey report.

In comparison, the satisfaction rate of the children from high-income groups was 92 per cent.

The report disclosed how the financial situation of the family of children affects their faith in the future, opportunities for participation in hobbies, susceptibility to bullying, and mental well-being.

The low-income family children were more likely to bring up money or health as a barrier to their dreams, which the survey referred as very traditional — a home of their own, a meaningful job, travelling and a family.

Eleven per cent of the respondents thought their family was poor or quite poor, while 21 per cent described their family as rich or quite rich.