Thursday, 22 August, 2019

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Andersson dismisses SDP, Vasemmistoliitto unification

11 Aug 2019, 21:40 ( 10 days ago) | updated: 12 Aug 2019, 00:49 ( 10 days ago)

DF Report
Left Alliance Li Andersson.Government of Finland photo.

The chair of Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance) Li Andersson has dismissed the notion of merging the party with Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland -SDP), reported Finnish language daily Kaleva.

According to Andersson, the two parties differ for instance on climate and environmental issues.

"This is an old idea, which in my understanding is presented at regular intervals; however, it does not have support and I do not think it is a good idea," Andersson told d Finnish language newsr consortium Lännen Media.

Andersson remarks comes after SDP parliamentarian Erkki Tuomioja suggested the unification of the two political parties in an interview with Lännen Media. Tuomioja pointed out the differences between the two parties have over the years disappeared.