Sunday, 25 August, 2019

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Several rescued from ice in Oulu

19 Apr 2019, 18:40 ( 4 Months ago) | updated: 20 Apr 2019, 01:29 ( 4 Months ago)

DF Report
DF File Photo.

 Rescue services were called to action in the Oulu area on Friday.

The rescue services and police rescued three people who were stranded in ice in Liminka Bay, said Hannu Timonen, the chief of rescue service.

"The police, rescue services and the Border Guard units were called to the scene. Those who had been stuck in ice were sent to hospital for emergency treatment, some had been caught up in the water for 20 minutes," said Timonen.

Furthermore, three ice fishermen were rescued in the same area, said Timonen.

Almost the same time the fishermen were being rescued, the Border Guard in Virpiniemi rescued two skiers who had fallen in ice.