Major parties leaders reactions on polls results

Rinne expects better results, Halla-aho surprised

14 Apr 2019, 20:47

  DF Report

Leaders of the parties (from left) Pekka Haavisto (vihr), Juha Sipilä (kesk), Petteri Orpo (kok), Jussi Halla-aho (ps) ja Antti Rinne (sd). Photo Hanne Salonen / Eduskunta.

The Chairpersons of the major political parties expressed various reactions over the results of the outgoing parliamentary polls held in the country on Sunday.

In a televised broadcast by the national broadcaster Yle, the party leaders gave their reaction to the election results.

Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland -SDP) bagging 40 seats emerged victorious in the closely contested parliamentary elections.

"We are the biggest party in the country since 1999," said SDP chair Antti Rinne in his victory speech in Helsinki.

Rinne, however, said he had anticipated a better result. He also said that he is ready for holding talks with other political parties to negotiate about formation of the next coalition government. He also emphasised the potential of the country as a pioneer in combating climate change, and combining it with economic growth.

Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party) Chair Jussi Halla-aho expressed surprise in the election results. His party won 39 seats in the election and became the second largest party in the upcoming parliament.

"The election result has been very difficult to predict.....Honestly, hardly anyone could wait for such a result," said Halla-aho in his speech.

Petteri Orpo, the chair of Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party) in his address spoke in defence of the welfare society.

"We did not give irresponsible promises, we did not slip out of our values, we defend the welfare society, human dignity is indivisible to us," said Orpo whose party won 38 seats.

Juha Sipilä, the chair of Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party of Finland) and the largest party in the last parliamentary election predicted that efforts to form the next government would not be easy.

"We could not have done any more than we did in this campaign. We have been heading to a time where there are at least five major political parties. Forming the next government will not be an easy task, no one has a clear mandate," said Sipilä whose party lost 18 seats, and now has 31 seats in the parliament.

Vihreä liitto (Green League) Chair Pekka Haavisto hailed the elections results. The party won 20 seats in the elections.

"We are currently the largest party in Helsinki," said Haavisto. Haavisto also praised the performance of women candidates in the elections saying, "These elections have been the elections of the women".

Li Andersson, the chair of (Vasemmistoliitto) Left Alliance termed the elections as a victory for the anti-austerity parties. The Left Alliance will return to parliament with 16 seats.

"The overall picture and message of the election result is that Finns have wanted change. This is why Finns have voted for parties that have opposed austerity. The votes we received are for the ambitious fight against climate change and against racism," said  Andersson in her address.