Thursday, 17 October, 2019

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Battery store gutted in Rovaniemi

12 Apr 2019, 01:18 ( 6 Months ago) | updated: 12 Apr 2019, 13:36 ( 6 Months ago)

DF Report
Firefighters were working to extinguish the fire in a battery store in Rovaniemi early Friday night. DF Photo.

A devastative fire broke out in a battery store in Rovaniemi late Thursday night and gutted the warehouse of the store.

Firefighters were working to extinguish the fire till writing this report at 1:00 am on Friday night. No human casualty, however, was reported in the fire.

Fire Services sources said that the fire took place at about 9:30 pm at the warehouse of Suomen Akut Oy at city´s Lautatie area.

“The reason behind the origin of the fire could not be known. Seven units of the fire fighters are still working now,” Tuomas Korhonen, head of the rescue team told Daily Finland after midnight of Friday, adding that no human casualty was taken place in the fire.  

He also said that about 10 firefighters units were used to extinguish the fire so far.

Massive damage of property is feared in the incident. Huge smoke, including poisonous gases were also released from store after the fire.