Saturday February 27, 2021

Coronavirus grips Helsinki hospital, house

Published : 14 Jan 2021, 23:39

Updated : 15 Jan 2021, 10:35

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Press Release Photo: City of Helsinki by Paavo Jantunen.

A total of 46 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Malmi Hospital and Ruusulankatu housing service unit in Helsinki, said the City of Helsinki in a press release on Thursday.

Nine patients were infected in the geriatric acute ward 13 in Malmi Hospital. The first infection was found on 3 January.

All 22 patients on the ward have been exposed to the infection. Employees have also been exposed. Everyone who has been exposed has been quarantined.

“The epidemiologic unit organised the testing of clients quickly and all the patients on the ward have now been tested for coronavirus. All employees will also be tested. Now we are making sure that the infections won’t spread,” said Helsinki City Hospital Medical Director Laura Pikkarainen.

Malmi Hospital is one of the Helsinki City Hospital units. It has five inpatient wards and 125 beds. On the ward in question elderly patients with acute illnesses are treated.

Visits at Helsinki City Hospital are mainly prohibited until 31 January.

Meanwhile, 32 residents and 5 employees were found to be infected with the virus at the turn of the year at Ruusulankatu housing service unit.

The isolations and quarantines ended on 10 January.

The residents and staff of the house were tested at the turn of the year. A mobile coronavirus testing group carried out the testing on site.

The isolations and quarantines were mainly carried out in the residents’ own apartments. The majority of those infected developed only mild symptoms. One resident had to be hospitalised.

To make isolation and quarantine possible at the housing service unit, the city and Sininauha Oy arranged daily on-site support and care, including meal bags, for the residents.

“We have enjoyed good and close cooperation with the experts of the City of Helsinki Social Services and Healthcare Division. Although the situation was serious, we managed to regain control through swift action,” said the head of the unit, Mija Alho.

The city’s purchases supported housing for substance abuse and mental health clients from Ruusulankatu housing service unit. The residents live in their own apartments and conclude a rental agreement with Sininauha Oy.