Saturday January 16, 2021

7 infected with coronavirus at Laakso hospital

Published : 09 Jan 2021, 02:20

Updated : 09 Jan 2021, 09:41

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Press Release Photo : City of Helsinki by Marja Väänänen.

Coronavirus infections were detected in Ward 9 of Laakso Hospital, said the City of Helsinki in a press release on Friday.

Three patients and four employees have been infected. The first infection of a patient was detected on 18 December. Wounded patients are treated on the ward.

All patients in the ward have been tested for coronavirus. All employees working in the ward will also be tested.

“The Epidemiological Operations Unit arranged the testing of patients fast. We are now focused on preventing the spread of infections,” said Helsinki City Hospital Medical Director Laura Pikkarainen.

As a precautionary measure, the ward has been isolated and all patients are treated in their own rooms. The nurses wear full personal protection equipment to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections in all treatment situations. No new patients are being admitted to the ward at the moment.

The relatives of the infected patients have already been contacted and informed about the situation.

“As a general rule, visiting the hospital is currently prohibited altogether. Relatives are not allowed to visit the ward, but they can contact the patients over phone, for example. Information about the condition of a relative admitted to the ward can also be requested from the nurses of the ward,” said Pikkarainen.

The Epidemiological Operations Unit is currently studying the origin of the infection.

As a general rule, visiting the Helsinki City Hospital is prohibited until 10 January 2021. For more information about the restrictions concerning visiting the hospital, please refer to the city’s website.

Laakso Hospital has wards for acute geriatric care, trauma rehabilitation, follow-up rehabilitation of patients with a cerebrovascular disorder, and treatment of infections. The treatment of demanding coronavirus infections has also been centralised to Laakso.

Laakso Hospital has a total of 302 hospital beds. The hospital area also includes the Laakso Corona Health Station, a lending station for assistive devices, a geriatric outpatient clinic, substance abuse and psychiatric services, and an imaging unit of the HUS.