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Finns mass-exposed to coronavirus in Estonia

Published : 08 Aug 2020, 01:43

  DF Report

File Photo Port of Helsinki by Mikael Kaplar / Studio POiNT.

A number of Finns were exposed to coronavirus at a private event in Estonia early this month, said the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in a press release on Friday.

A total of 81 people, most of them from Finland and a few Estonians took part in the event. More than half of the participants were from Helsinki while the rest were from 13 other municipalities in Finland.

Most of the people from Finland have already returned to Helsinki by different cruise ships from Tallinn and most of them went under quarantine as a precaution measure.

The event was held in Estonia from 31 July to 2nd August. Two of the participants from Helsinki were taken to the Tallinn Hospital and diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

“This incident is an example of how the disease can spread quickly to various areas of Finland. No one should attend a public event, with even mild symptoms,” said THL’s Health Security Department’s Director Mika Salminen in a statement.

Most of the people who were exposed to the virus returned to Finland on 2nd and 3rd August by cruise ships of Eckerö Line & Finbo Cargo, Tallink Silja, and Viking Line.

The THL urged the passengers of the ships who travelled on these days to monitor their health condition and contact health officials if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.