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Helsinki homecare to introduce medication robots

Published : 30 Jun 2020, 02:12

Updated : 30 Jun 2020, 10:36

  DF Report

Press Release Photo by City of Helsinki.

The clients of Helsinki City’s homecare services will soon be attended by medication-dispensing robots that will take care of distributing medications to customers, said the City of Helsinki in a press release.

A medication-dispensing robot is a device that gives the required medications to customers at the prescribed times. If a customer fails to take some medication, the robot recovers it. When all medications are stored safely inside the device, customers can’t take more medications than are prescribed to them.

A medication-dispensing robot enables homecare customers to live more independently at home. With a robot dispensing medications, customers do not need to wait for a nurse to come by to get the medications.

“We’ve been testing medication-dispensing robots together with the Service Centre for about a year now, and our experiences have been highly positive. The device is easy to use, and customers have been happy with it. They have experienced increasing personal freedom. Homecare nurses have also been satisfied,” said the city’s Homecare Manager Sanna Numminen.

Because the device uses voice to guide customers and to remind them to take their medications, the medication-dispensing robot is suitable for customers suffering from memory diseases. Customers are provided with support and instructions when robots are introduced to their care.

“Among its many functions, the medication-dispensing robot makes an alert, if a customer fails to take a medication dispensed by the robot for any reason. The Service Centre staff reacts to alarms round the clock,” said Systems Designer Tuomas Rantala.

Medication-dispensing robots allow homecare to focus homecare visits on those customers who need personal care the most. This is of particular importance at such times as the coronavirus pandemic. The robots also help the homecare service to reduce the number of homecare nurses making home visits.