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Coronavirus unlikely to spread in schools: THL

Published : 24 May 2020, 01:53

Updated : 24 May 2020, 10:26

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Press Release Photo by THL.

If a coronavirus infection is detected in a student or a contact-teaching staff, the school will aim to contain the infection and stop the spread of the virus by quarantining the exposed teachers and pupils and testing all those that show the symptoms of COVID-19.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) closely monitors the infections of school students and schools staff, said a THL press release.

In the past few days, confirmed coronavirus infections among school children and school staff have been widely discussed.

“When investigating chains of transmission, it has been found that children clearly are infected less often than adults, and chains of transmission have rarely started with a child. In light of this information, the risk of large-scale spread of the coronavirus in contact teaching is low. However, it is likely that some coronavirus infections will be diagnosed among those in contact teaching,” said THL Medical Adviser Otto Helve.

To prevent infection, it is important that everyone practises good hand hygiene and safe distancing, that the students do not go to school if they have symptoms and that students and staff members get tested for corona if they have any symptoms.

In spring, many suffer from allergy symptoms which can be difficult to distinguish from symptoms of coronavirus or other respiratory tract infections in children.

Students can go to school once their allergy symptoms are under control with medication.

However, if respiratory symptoms continue despite medication, the patient should get tested for coronavirus.