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Sweden reports more European viper attacks

09 Aug 2018, 22:35 ( 10 Months ago)

DF-Xinhua Report
File Photo Xinhua.

Sweden had reported 350 cases of European viper attacks so far this year, in comparison to 175 cases for the same period of last year, the Swedish Television SVT reported on Thursday.

   "Usually we receive information of 220 to 250 cases in one year, so there is a significant increase this year," attending physician Sune Forsberg at the Swedish Poison Information Centre told SVT.

   According to him, most victims suffer local pain that lasts for a while. Some also feel nauseous, and get stomachaches and low blood pressure.

   Thomas Thunmark, who has been collecting and cleanings snakes since the late 90's, said to SVT that the number of vipers has increased due to the mild winter.

   "In central Sweden, many of the young vipers survived over the winter since it never became really cold. In northern Sweden the snakes were protected by the snow," he said.

   European viper bites can be very painful but are seldom fatal and in Sweden no one has died of it since 1996. However, attending physician Sune Forsberg reminds the public to always visit a hospital if been bitten.