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Oil spill occurs in Russian Arctic

Published : 30 Sep 2020, 01:29

  DF News Desk

Pixabay photo.

Around one ton of crude oil has spilled into a river on the Russian Arctic Taimyr Peninsula, the Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnoyarsk region said in a statement Tuesday, reported Xinhua.

The accident occurred on Sunday, when during a storm, a temporary pipeline, through which a tanker was pumping crude oil to a warehouse, broke, causing the spill, polluting the local Khatanga River and the soil around it, the statement said.

In order to establish the circumstances of the accident, a deputy prosecutor of the Taimyr Region went to the scene, it said.

At the end of May, due to the depressurization of one of the reservoirs, some 20,000 tons of diesel were spilled at a metallurgical plant in Norilsk, which is also located on the Taimyr Peninsula, and a significant portion of the leaked fuel seeped into local rivers.