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Helsinki fighting coronavirus at daycare centres, schools

Published : 30 Nov 2020, 00:54

Updated : 30 Nov 2020, 09:39

  DF Report

Press Release Photo: City of Helsinki by Marja Väänänen.

Helsinki takes the coronavirus infections of children and pupils at daycare centres and schools seriously and examines all infections thoroughly, said the City of Helsinki in a press release of on Sunday afternoon.

Further actions to prevent the spread of infections will be taken based on the completed examinations and a risk assessment.

Infections at daycare centres and schools are always communicated to the guardians.

Infection tracking at daycare centres and lower stage comprehensive schools have given rise to a vivid discussion.

“The discussion may have given the impression that Helsinki has ceased to investigate possible exposures to infections at daycare centres and schools. This is not the case.”

“We examine the infections thoroughly and always communicate them to the guardians as soon as possible. For example, we quarantine all children and pupils who, based on our assessment, may have been exposed to coronavirus infection,” said the city’s Medical Director of health stations Timo Lukkarinen.

The authorities of Helsinki on Friday informed the guardians about the tracking of infections among children at daycare centres and schools.

“I am sorry that our message caused confusion to some parents. We will clarify the original message to make it sufficiently easy to comprehend. We will continue to do our best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at daycare centres and schools,” added Lukkarinen.