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Turku suspends procurement for Int’l School

Published : 12 Nov 2020, 00:23

Updated : 12 Nov 2020, 01:52

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Press Release Photo: City of Turku.

The City Board of Turku has recently decided to suspend the procurement for the International School due to the city’s current economic situation and the costs exceeding the estimated prices connected to the procurement.

The International School was planned to be established at the Sirkkala barracks, said the City of Turku in a press release.

New facilities for the International School have been sought after since the amount of students is expected to increase from 230 to 450 students.

This number of students will not fit on the current premises in Varissuo. Since the students attending the International School come from different parts of Turku as well as neighbouring municipalities, the aim is to find facilities with good traffic connections.

“In the City of Turku Strategy, internationalization is one of our focal points. City of Turku considers the Turku International School very important, and the city has a strong will to increase the number of students and find facilities that are suitable for the school’s future needs. Cooperation with the University of Turku has progressed well and we hope to make the most of this cooperation also in the future. Currently, we are searching for the most functional and cost-effective solution,” said Turku Mayor Minna Arve.

A potential location for the Turku International School is adjunct to the community centre that is to be established in Itäharju.

According to Turku International School Education Division Director Timo Jalonen, the school could start operating on the new premises in 2024.

“University of Turku’s aim is to continue the cooperation and planning together with the City of Turku in order to secure high quality and functional facilities with as accessible location as possible,” said University of Turku Rector Jukka Kola.

Currently, the Turku International School is located in Varissuo in two addresses.