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Mistake puts 450 students’ fate on limbo

Published : 19 Sep 2020, 01:18

Updated : 19 Sep 2020, 01:58

  DF Report

File Photo University of Helsinki by Linda Tammisto.

About 450 students already accepted for tertiary-level studies by universities will lose their study places due to a mistake made by the National Agency for Education.

The agency on Friday said the students will lose their study-offers because the information of their acceptance by universities was wrong and they were informed mistakenly about their acceptance by universities, said a press release.

The students took part in the second round of joint university entrance exams last spring.

Although they were informed that they had been accepted, the fact is they were actually on the waiting lists.

About 40 of the students have already accepted the study places offered to them by this time.

The authorities said it would contact the students and inform about the withdrawal of their study offers.

According to procedures stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the application period for reserve positions at universities ended on 3 August.

After the stipulated period, a decision could be made if it is related to administrative appeals for changing previous decisions.

The Board of Education made the mistake in relation to these appeals.

Normally, the universities make decisions about accepting students, not the education agency.

The agency said that the problem was created due to human error on its part.