Saturday, 20 July, 2019

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Shakespeare´s Macbeth to be staged in Finland in April

21 Mar 2019, 11:07 ( 4 Months ago) | updated: 22 Mar 2019, 00:29 ( 4 Months ago)

DF Report
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An American Drama Group-TNT will stage one of the globally famous dramas Macbeth of William Shakespeare at different parts in Finland next month.

The show will begin in Turku on April 10 and will be ended in Inari on April 26 after visiting Helsinki, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Rovaniemi and Oulu.

Directed by Paul Stebbings, professional native English speaking actors and actresses will perform in the one hour and 40 minutes play to enthrall the Finnish audiences.

The show will be taken place in Turku on April 10 and April 11 followed by in Helsinki on April 12, Lahti on April 15, Jyväskylä on April 16, Rovaniemi on April 23, Oulu April 24 and April 25 and finally Inari on April 26.

The play explores the corruption of power and its terrifying results, both politically and personally.

But while the themes are profound and complex, the form is hugely entertaining: this is a thriller, a war story, a romance, a nightmare, a horror story and a most powerful presentation of the supernatural.

The witches ride above this play as both demons and restorers of the natural order that MACBETH and his murderous wife seek to destroy.

The evil that the royal couple unleash rebounds upon themselves and, by means of the most extraordinary poetry, we, the audience, watch the collapse of naked ambition into tortured self-doubt and ultimate insanity.

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