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Posti’s art award given to fashion designer

Published : 15 Mar 2019, 19:21

Updated : 15 Mar 2019, 19:29

  DF Report

Photo source:Posti

Posti has given the stamp art promotion award of 2019 to Mert Otsamo, a fashion designer who has gained fame for the evening gowns he has designed for occasions such as the annual Independence Day Reception at the Presidential Palace.

The award consists of a EUR 10,000 cash prize and a stamp publication of the artist’s work. Stamps featuring Otsamo’s statuesque evening gowns will be issued in September,said Posti ina press release.

As a fashion designer, Mert Otsamo has become known for his original style and statuesque evening gowns. Otsamo has been interested in shapes all his life. “What interests me in design is the diversity that exists both in clothing and in jewelry. As a designer, I think it is important to be innovative and experiment with different materials and techniques. Through my work, I want to illustrate the changes taking place in our culture.”

Mert Otsamo was surprised to receive the art award. “I am very excited and grateful for the award. Stamps show the spirit of the time they were issued, and I am very happy that I can become a part of this distinguished tradition through my works. I can hardly wait for the stamps to be issued in September.”

With the art award, Posti wants to raise the status of stamps and increase people’s appreciation for them. “The evening gowns designed by Mert Otsamo represent unique Finnish design and are visually interesting. We use the award to find new and surprising people to design stamps. Mert Otsamo is a young and talented artist who works skillfully in various fields of design,” said Design Manager Tommi Kantola, Chairman of Posti’s Art Committee.

This is the third time Posti’s art award is being handed out. In 2017, the art award was given to sculptor Jasmin Anoschkin, and in 2018, it was given to graffiti artist EGS.