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Aalto students design First Lady’s Independence Day gown

04 Dec 2018, 03:41 ( 4 Months ago)

DF Report
Emma Saarnio and Helmi Liikanen. Press Release Photo by Eeva Suorlahti.

Students of the Aalto University Emma Saarnio and Helmi Liikanen have designed the gown of First Landy Jenni Haukio for the Independence Day dress, which evokes nature with exquisite materiality and minimalist lines.

The country’s most watched event will get a dose of nature this year as  Haukio will wear the gown made of 100% birch-based fabric to the 6 December reception at Helsinki’s Presidential Palace, said a press release issued by Aalto University. 

‘The starting point for designing the dress was the second century of Finland’s independence, which will bring more ecological ways of thinking, new sustainable materials and a new generation of designers. I wanted to make an outfit that complements the wearer’s personality and reflects the material’s origins,’ said Saarnio, an Aalto University student of fashion and clothing design, who designed the gown.

‘In the design I’ve combined Finnish traditions while at the same time looking to the future. I took inspiration from strong Finnish women, who are represented in the dress’ minimalist features and clear lines. The dress is a promise of a cleaner, brighter future,’ she explained.

Textile design student Helmi Liikanen, who designed the unique fabric, shares: ‘I wanted to use Ioncell material in an elegant and festive way. I designed the weave to have a structural, living surface, which highlights the unique material. This project really brings tradition and innovation together.’