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Simerock to rock Rovaniemi August 10-11

09 Aug 2018, 17:12 ( 09 Aug, 2018) | updated: 10 Aug 2018, 02:02 ( 10 Aug, 2018)

DF Report by Natalia Nikolaeva
Simerock festival. Photo Teppo Seppä.

The legendary annual music festival Simerock will be held this year on 10-11 August at its traditional venue, Ounaspaviljonki, in Rovaniemi.

The two-day musical fête was first organised in 2002 completely by voluntary work led by Sime Yliaska in the back yard of a house in the city’s Kolpeneentie area as a free of charge unofficial event. Although the party was meant for some 20 to 30 friends, it drew a thousand-plus audience. And the Simerock held in November 2003 in Ounaspaviljonki pulled so many visitors from all over the country and attracted so much attention that from then on it has become a regular official gig.

This year marks Simerock’s 16th anniversary and the organisers claim they have prepared an extravaganza with a striking mix of musical celebrities, reputed artistes and talented new blood that befits the occasion and is sure to go a long way up the memory lane.

“We have all the top national performing artists at Simerock. For example, Haloo Helsinki! is making their last festival appearance at Simerock before they go on a break until 2021,” said Simerock Producer Salla Höynälä.

Along with popular artistes like JVG, SANNI, Apulanta, Kaija Koo, Evelina, Aleksanteri Hakaniemi, and Pyhimys, “Isac Elliot is performing for the first time in Simerock,” said Höynälä. “But we also have some promising newbies like OG Ulla-Maija and Lukas Leon, who was recently signed by Cheek himself.”

Since last year Simerock has been engaging various YouTube content creators. “Last year was the first time we had YouTubers included in our official programme. This year we proudly present YouTube stars Roni Back, Miklu, and Jaakko Parkkali,” said the festival leader.

Every edition of Simerock also includes some fun activities for the guests on the sideline. “This year we’ve put extra efforts to offer more diverse [fun] activities. We have arranged for a bungee jumping spot, a catapult that shoots you into the air, a duck rodeo, a game spot for eSports and a Ferris wheel,” said the producer with obvious pride. There is no doubt that the organisers want to make sure this event will be one of the best experiences of this summer for every visitor.

In the same trend of last year when Simerock sold out all the tickets, “We have [already] sold 85 per cent of our regular tickets and VIP tickets are sold out. We are expecting to be sold out this year as well,” said the Simerock producer.