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Explore Rovaniemi with Nätti-Jussi and Kemijoen Helmi

23 Jul 2018, 13:03 ( 11 Months ago)

DF Report by Natalia Nikolaeva
Nätti-Jussi. DF Photo.

One of the most entertaining ways of exploring Rovaniemi is to take a ride on the Nätti-Jussi sightseeing train.

The colourful vehicle operates from Tuesday to Saturday for most of summer – from 5 June to 11 August. It departs from the Pedestrian Street by the Oliver’s Corner pub twice a day – at 2pm and 5pm.

A lady who is travelling alone through Finland truly enjoyed the ride: “It is my first time in Rovaniemi in summer and I wasn’t too sure if there would be anything to do, but it is nice that this town keeps the Christmas magic going all the year round.”

Kemijoen Helmi. DF Photo“It was such a nice experience,” said a lady who with his husband took the ride. They were delighted to know that pets are also allowed on the train, “We were worried about having to leave our dogs and either myself or my husband to stay behind to watch over them. But the driver insists on keeping families together and that includes their pets. So the two of us and our dogs were able to enjoy all the lovely scenery together.”

The ride costs eight euros for an adult and four euros for a child under 12. The jolly ride lasts about 35 minutes.

Another way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Rovaniemi and its surrounding area is taking a trip on the luxurious cruise vessel M/S Kemijoen Helmi. Once again the cruise boat is offering a fabulous 2-hour trip along the Ounasjoki and the Kemijoki rivers.

The cruise attracts quite a number of people, said Captain Heikki Laakso. “It depends on the weather, but there are around 30 to 50 people on a trip. On a very hot day we might have a full boat, which is 99 persons.”

Kemijoen Helmi departs from the Pohjanhovi pier on Koskikatu 1 on Wednesday through Saturday. “From Wednesday to Friday the trip lasts from 5pm to 7pm and on Saturdays it’s a bit late – from 8pm to 10pm,” said Laakso. It is also possible to rent the boat for private events and cruises.

The fare is 20 euros for adults and 10 euros for the children aged four to 14 years, students, and pensioners. There is also an onboard cafe bar offering refreshments and snacks.

A tourist woman, a first-timer in Rovaniemi who took the trip, said, “Normally, the only way you get to know a city is by walking, with taxi, or a map of the area, but the cruise gives you a whole new perspective. You can see how the locals rely on the lake and watch the fishing, boating and leisure activities. I really feel like I know Rovaniemi in a unique light after this trip.”

A group of friends said one ride was just not enough for them. “We loved it! We are going to go again just before we leave as we enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere is so friendly and it’s like an adventure.”

According to Laakso, the trips will not be limited to summer. “We will continue with the cruises all the way till autumn. The idea is to operate the Northern Lights cruises on the river in autumn.”