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80% Finns send Christmas greetings: survey

Published : 03 Dec 2020, 01:10

  DF Report

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About 80% of Finns are planning to send Christmas greetings this year, according to a survey commissioned by national postal and logistic services operator Posti.

The survey, conducted at the end of November, revealed that the most popular way of sending Christmas greetings is to mail a card or a letter. Cards include both purchased and self-made Christmas cards as well as mailed Christmas cards made of a personal photo.

“It’s wonderful that the Christmas card tradition still seems to be going strong. A Christmas card is a practical, beautiful and traditional way of bringing joy and sending greetings. A physical card makes the receiver happy for a long time; the majority of respondents say they keep cards on display throughout the Christmas period,” said Tuija Åkerman from Postal Services.

According to the survey results, Christmas cards are sent to family members, relatives and friends.

Most cards are sent to siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. About 24% of respondents plan to send a Christmas card to everyone who has sent them a Christmas card while 4% of respondents even want to send a Christmas card to their pet!

About 94% of those planning to send Christmas greetings said that their main motivation was to make the other person happy while 81% see Christmas cards as a tradition they want to hold on to.

The COVID-19 situation this year has added an extra dimension to the Christmas period. If it is not possible to meet friends and family face-to-face this Christmas, the importance of a Christmas card is greater than ever.

“Christmas cards, letters or even mailed photo greetings, are COVID-safe ways of greeting friends and family and bringing people together emotionally,” said Tuija Åkerman.

Commissioned by Posti, the survey was conducted by IROResearch Oy’s national consumer panel from November 17 to November 26.

A total of 1,000 respondents participated in the survey and its margin of error is approximately +3.2 percentage points at most.