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Card campaign launched for war veterans

Published : 19 Oct 2020, 23:13

Updated : 20 Oct 2020, 00:13

  DF Report

Photo: SA-KUVA.

The national postal and logistic services operator Posti together with the War Veteran Associations on Monday launched a card campaign to show gratitude to veterans and war-time women with a postcard, said Posti in a press release on Monday.

The campaign ends on 12 November.

By now, the average age of the veterans is 95. The aim of the card campaign is to send a greeting to all of the veterans and war-time women, delivered by mail carriers on Independence Day.

“We are arranging the card campaign for the sixth time already. It has become an important tradition. Many of our honorary citizens may feel lonely, and they may not be familiar with digital means of staying in touch. We know that a traditional card makes both the recipient and the sender happy. For the generation of veterans, letters and cards are the most familiar way of communicating, and we want to show them our respect in a familiar way that makes them happy,” said Tuija Åkerman from Posti’s Consumer Mail Business Unit.

There are currently 6,500 card-carrying veterans in Finland. In addition, there are also roughly 15,000 war-time women remaining. The card campaign is aimed at bringing light and joy to their daily lives.

“It’s a wonderful thing our generation can remember and show gratitude to the men and women who we have to thank for a free and independent Finland. Let’s do it together and with gratitude,” said Pia Mikkonen, of the Sotiemme Veteraanit (Our War Veterans) and Sotiemme Naiset (The Women of our Wars) collection.

Cards can be sent by private individuals, school classes, groups of colleagues or groups of hobbyists.

Writing a card with young people is also a great opportunity to tell them about the history and independence of Finland. Anyone can send several cards in one envelope. There is no need to attach stamps or add address information on the cards inside the envelope.

The cards to be sent to Poste and the mail carriers will deliver the cards to veterans and our war-time women in accordance with address information provided by the Finland's War Veteran Association (Suomen Sotaveteraaniliitto), the Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland (Sotainvalidien Veljesliitto) and Veteran Soldiers (Rintamaveteraaniliitto), and to war widows in accordance with address information provided by the Aid Society for War Widows and Relatives of the Fallen (Kaatuneitten Omaisten liitto).