Thursday February 25, 2021

Atria reports profit gain in 2020

Published : 16 Feb 2021, 21:54

  DF News Desk

Photo: Atria.

Finnish meat producer Atria Group's profits in 2020 increased by 30 percent year-on-year to 40.5 million euros, the company said on Tuesday.

Net sales totaled 1,504 million euros, up from 1,451.3 million euros in 2019, reported Xinhua.

Juha Gröhn, chief executive officer (CEO) of Atria, noted in a written statement that 2020 was a successful year for the company considering the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the market and on Atria's daily operations.

Atria Finland, which is the biggest among the group's four operations, was the main source of profit in 2020.

According to the release, Atria Finland's profit reached 43.1 million euros due mainly to expanded sales to the retail sector, increased pork exports to China and better productivity.

More than 20 million kilograms of pork were exported to China in 2020, Grohn said.

Atria expects its profits in 2021 to range between 37 million euros and 43 million euros.