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Flight suspension to delay Finland-UK mail

Published : 22 Dec 2020, 01:21

Updated : 22 Dec 2020, 04:07

  DF Report

File Photo: Posti by Vesa Kippola.

The transport of mail between Finland and the United Kingdom will slow down due to the suspension of passenger flights, said a press release of the national postal and logistic services operator Posti on Monday.

Earlier, on Sunday, Finland suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom for two weeks effective from Monday noon, following the emergence of a highly infectious variant of coronavirus.

Delays will take place for items sent from Finland as well as items arriving in Finland.

Posti also has already sought new connections by land and sea due to a decrease in airfreight capacity.

“At Posti, we are closely monitoring the situation and we will immediately inform our customers when there is something new. Unfortunately, delays are inevitable,” said Posti’s International eCommerce Vice President Sami Finne.

In addition to the traffic restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit will also cause delays in transport to and from the United Kingdom in the coming weeks, said Posti.