VR Transpoint affected little by coronavirus

26 Nov 2020, 03:16

  DF Report

Photo Xinhua by Li Jizhi.

The effects of the coronavirus on VR Transpoint’s freight traffic have been more moderate than expected so far, and transport volumes have remained at a good level even during the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, said a press release of the state run railway operator VR.

The railway transport volumes of VR Transpoint in January–September stayed nearly the same as last year and were 26.9 million tonnes, which was 27.6 million tonnes in the stipulated period of previous year.

In road transport, the transported volume was 2.6  million tonnes, showing a decrease of 0.7 per cent from the previous year.

So far, the effects of the coronavirus on logistics have been moderate, even if there are many uncertainties in the outlook due to the epidemic and the changes in demand it has caused.

“We have ensured that industry transports run smoothly during the crisis. In exceptional times, the importance of a stable operator is emphasised even more,” said VR Transpoint’s Senior Vice President Martti Koskinen.

Transferring well over one million tonnes of fertiliser from different parts of Russia to the port of HaminaKotka requires an efficient transport system, which VR Transpoint and Fertilog, a company specialised in transit transport, have perfected together.

Fertilog’s capacity for fertiliser traffic will increase to over two million tonnes and capacity for liquid bulk transit to 600,000 tonnes a year when the company’s new fertiliser and liquid bulk servicing terminals are completed at Mussalo harbour next year. VR Transpoint is responsible for Fertilog’s transports on Finland’s side of the border and has been involved in planning the tracks serving the new terminals.

Fertiliser arrives at Vainikkala border station in full trains daily from Russia. These are pulled to Mussalo harbour using new Vectron electric locomotives in even bigger compositions.