Export drops by 15.4% in June

10 Aug 2020, 01:57

  DF Report

Photo City of Helsinki by Olli Turunen/Tovia Design Oy.

The value of Finnish exports decreased by 15.4 per cent, while the value of imports declined by 10.2 per cent in June year on year, according to the preliminary statistics of international trade in goods provided by the Finnish Customs.

The value of Finnish exports in June was about EUR 4.5 billion and the value of imports was about EUR 4.7 billion.

In January-June, the total value of exports decreased by 17.4 per cent and the value of imports by 12.3 per cent year on year.

The trade balance was EUR 205 million in deficit in June. In January-June, the trade balance incurred a deficit of EUR 1.7 billion.

In June last year, the trade balance was EUR 75 million in surplus, but in January-June it was EUR 5 million in deficit.

Exports to EU member states in the month marked a 14.1 per cent decline and exports to non-EU countries a 16.9 per cent drop.

Imports from EU-countries diminished by 7.9 per cent and imports from non-EU countries by 13.6 per cent in June.

Calculated from the beginning of the year, exports to EU decreased by 17.6 per cent and to non-EU countries by 17.2 per cent.

During the same period, imports from EU member states fell by 11.0 per cent and from other countries by 14.1 per cent.