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Terrafame, Adven to work together to reduce CO2 emissions

Published : 06 Aug 2020, 01:40

  DF Report

Photo Source: Terrafame.

Mining company Terrafame and Adven will soon work together to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of Terrafame's production by almost 9,000 tonnes, said a press release.

In practice, a drop of more than 90% in emissions is expected to be reflected in 2021.

The new energy plant, which will be completed this year, the recovery of excess energy and the new investments in the district heating network in the mining area, which have now been agreed with Adven, will ensure the reduction of emissions.

Terrafame and Adven have been cooperating on a large scale in developing energy efficiency and energy production for several years.

Adven is currently building a renewable energy plant to supply energy Terrafame's new battery chemicals plant. Construction of the energy plant is expected to be finalized in November 2020.

Now Adven and Terrafame have agreed to expand the district heating network to a mining depot, replacing the light fuel oil currently used in the area. Together, all the different measures will bring about an annual reduction of 9,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

“The cooperation has worked well and that is why we will continue it with Adven. The main reason for the actions that are being taken now is, of course, the benefits we have received in terms of cost savings and a reduction in our carbon footprint”, said Matti Rautiainen, Terrafame's Chief Maintenance Officer.