Posti to have 2000 more parcel lockers

23 May 2020, 02:24

  DF Report

Press Release Photo by Posti.

The national postal and logistic services operator Posti will increase its number of parcel lockers by 2,000 over the summer following the growth of e-commerce by extending its parcel locker network, said a press release.

 Posti aims to have a network of 4,000 parcel lockers by 2022.

“Soon, up to 85% of Finns will have a Posti parcel locker less than one kilometre from their home. Finns like parcel lockers, because they are located on their everyday routes and have long opening hours,” said, Posti’s Head of Retail Network Heiko Laubach.

Posti’s retail network, including pickup points where customers can be served in person, consists of a total of 2,800 service points.

By the end of this year, parcels delivered by Posti can be picked up from 3,000 pickup points throughout Finland.