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How to Choose a Windscreen Wiper

Published : 20 Jan 2020, 22:29

Updated : 17 Feb 2020, 22:41

  DF News Desk

When it comes to safety, the windscreen wiper is an indispensable item. It may seem like a detail, but if that part is in poor condition, it can be detrimental to the driver's visibility while driving.

The windshield wiper is considered the “angel of the rain”, as it is what prevents the driver's vision from becoming blurry or confused while driving on rainy days.

As this item is extremely important for good driving, we have separated for you some tips on care, maintenance, safety and best brand.

Windshield pick is a safety item

As we already know, the function of the windshield wiper blade is to clean the glass of substances that hinder the driver's vision and make it clearer on rainy days.

But did you know that not using the windshield wiper generates a fine? That's right! According to the Traffic Code, failing to activate the cleaner in rainy weather causes a serious fine.

Therefore, never use a broken windshield wiper. Maintain it regularly and keep the part in good condition.

What is the best brand of windshield vane?

In the automotive market, there are several brands of windshield wiper blades. However, the most recommended among auto repair shops are Bosch vanes, recognized for their high quality and for fitting perfectly to any vehicle.

There are two vane models from Bosch: Aerotwin and Twin. Aerotwin reeds are perfect for those driving on high speed roads, as it guarantees better visibility even in bad weather conditions. Its guide is flexible and has been designed to ensure extreme cleaning quality in any area of the glass.

Twin reeds were specially designed for situations that demand a lot of power against weather conditions. Its entire system is made of metallic stirrup and double anti-corrosion protection, which makes the piece more resistant and durable. In addition, they guarantee ideal cleaning conditions and long-term safety.

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What are the signs of defects in the reed?

The windshield blades have some symptoms that we should be aware of. Streaks on the windshield, fogged glass or a kind of fog are some signs that the wiper is defective.

If the reeds are noisy, the rubber is certainly dry, twisted or cracked. And picks up in high speed cases are signs that it must be changed immediately.

A valuable tip for the good performance of the windshield wiper is to keep the water tank with clean water solution. Soap or detergent not specific to function, will only deteriorate the rubber of the reed, decreasing its durability.