Thursday, 22 August, 2019

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Govt to publish draft budget proposal on Friday

11 Aug 2019, 20:35 ( 10 days ago) | updated: 12 Aug 2019, 00:42 ( 10 days ago)

DF Report
File Photo Hanne Salonen / Eduskunta.

The budget proposal which will give a fairly accurate picture of the government revenue and spending will be published on Friday, reported national broadcaster Yle.

The budget talks are set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. The draft by the Ministry of Finance will be sent to other ministries and the draft itself will be published on Friday.

The government will, however, make the final decision of its actual budget in the middle of September. The government will make the decision on next year’s budget estimates during the budget framework talks to be held on 17-18 September.

At the same time, a fiscal plan for the entire government term will be decided. The fiscal plan aims to guide the economic policy for the four-year government term.

The government program promises 1.2 billion euros in permanent spending during its term, and up to 3 billion euros in "future investments".